Challenges in Retail Reporting

Today, research companies can give market analysis and selling reports to manufacturers approximately 1 to 3 months lately. It can be understanding from its name, FMCG sector is a very dynamic.
With the aim of effective management in supply chain, earning credits rate, campaigns, loyalty and stock-out, businesses need to take an action quickly.

Trendbox provides real-time data. Thus, you can access real-time regional sales reports and monitor the region live.


Thanks to Trendbox, you will now be able to see the sales in the traditional channel field lively.

While you can see the existing data and comments thanks to the system, when our R&D process is completed, you will be able to notice the relationship of your data with the weather or events and take instant actions with “Artificial Intelligence” and “Machine Learning”.


What are the Services We Provide to Our Corporate Customers?

  • Market Share Analysis
  • Supporting tool for Supply Chain Management (SCM), creating new distribution plans
  • Audit of newly released competitor products
  • Determining campaigns quickly, taking action, increasing sales according to the results of the report
  • Daily, hourly detailed analysis
  • Price tracking with instant analysis of price changes
  • Inventory tracking with stock analysis at sales points
  • Opportunity tracking via lost sales analysis
  • Basket, association, category, segment, etc. analyzes
  • Pre-launch analytics report for new products
  • Monitoring advertising efficiency in the field

How to Prepare Reports?

Trendbox has an IoT device placed between the barcode reader and the cash register. The IoT device enables to collect sales data at the point of sale by using M2M Sim card, similarly, we collect data instantly with the Soft Trendbox we have developed.

The collected data is processed on the SAP Hana system in the cloud and instantly reported with Microsoft Power BI or a Decision Support System of your choice.