Free Market Barcode Program

Thanks to the Trendbox Market Barcode Program, which you can easily install in your workplace, you can start selling immediately and follow your sales instantly.

Free Software Free Installation 2000+ Member Businesses 65.000 Ready SKU Products

    Main Features of Market Sales Program

    Real-Time Regional Reports

    Totally free!

    Product Efficiency Analysis

    Special Tips for Each Point of Sale

    Daily, Weekly and Monthly Stock Tracking Possibility

    Toll Free Hotline

    Barcode and Price Suggestion List Uploaded to the Software

    And Mobile Applications That Will Strengthen The Traditional Channel Soon!

    Market Barkod Programı Satış Ekranı
    Market Satış Programı Rapor Ekranı

    Detailed Barcode Reading Reports

    • You can see what sells the most in your area and which ones you don’t.
    • With the sales quantities report, you can see which products are oversold in the date ranges you want.
    • You can see your turnover and earnings with the turnover report.
    • You can report Top Selling Products and Top Profitable Products with graphics.
    • You can view your Total Sales and Total Profit rates for the date range you want.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have compiled the most frequently asked questions about Trendbox Grocery Barcode Scanning Program for you.

    Is Trendbox Market Barcode Scanner Program free?

    Yeah. Market Barcode Scanner Software is provided completely free of charge.

    How to install and is it free?

    You can take advantage of the free installation service by filling out the form on our page.

    Why is everything free?

    We want the Traditional Channel to digitize and keep itself up to date with current technologies.

    Is user training provided?

    Yes, this is free too!

    Is after-sales support service provided?

    You can reach Free Customer Service via whatsapp and phone line.

    Trendbox Market Satış Programı

    Download Free Market Barcode Scanner

    To manage your business more efficiently, you can contact us and start using it.