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trendbox is collecting sales data from organized and unorganized retail stores to create real time product based market share reports.

The Challenge

Nowadays research companies provide sales data from retail stores and pop-up retail stores to customers after a period of time. In todays circumstances these periods are too long.

The Solution

trendbox has a device which is placed between a barcode scanner and cash register. Using a M2M sim card the device enables us to collect sales data at the point of sale. It is mainly used in pop-up retail shops where normally sales data collecting can only be done manually. As a result we are able to track all sales generated from any kind retail store and pop-up retail shops and compare them in real-time.

Real Time Retailing


  • Deploy our device and get Trend Analysis instantly
  • Availability of Predictive Analytics
  • Our solution runs on the cloud
  • Enrich reports with weather forecast, event calendar and many moreparameters
  • Reports are easily prepared using SAP Lumira
  • Take full advantage of mobile technology


  • Quickly deployed and scaled
  • Compare your retail store sales with each other and competition
  • Manage your retail stores in real time and make better decisions
  • Maximize marketing spend and improve margin
  • Optimize future sales with predictive analytics
  • Understand how historical sales and other key metrics translate to future performance
  • Find correlations in data for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

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